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Artwork Supplied?
Yes No Asprint has printed this job previously
Asprint to design/
  Yes No Changes to artwork required Sample supplied
Initial design / layout incurs an additional fee. If there are
any special needs (eg: terms and conditions printed on
the back of customer copy of a form), please tell us here.
If you have any changes to existing artwork please tell us
here, or attach a scanned file with the changes at the end
of this form, or fax us.
Please write a brief for designers. We may call to discuss.
Finished Size:
Type of Book:
Duplicate Triplicate Quad Quin
Ink Colour:
Paper Colour: Please choose below the sequence of paper colour you would like. Sample colours below.
Carbon colours
Paper Colour 1: ORIGINAL    
Paper Colour 2:
Paper Colour 3:
Paper Colour 4:
Paper Colour 5:
Cover Board: Please choose below the type and colour cover you would like. Sample colours below.

Croc Board - hard cover
Croc Board Colours

System Board - soft cover
Carbon colours
Binding Type:
Stapled and taped Glue padded Fanapart sets with loose separator
Binding Tape: If not indicated above, books will be stapled and bound with cloth tape. Please select colour.
Binding Side:
Left Right Top Bottom
Perforate Pages:
Yes No              >> Perf all pages Perf copies only
Wrap-around cover Tag Board
No numbers Start numbering at: Continue from last job printed
Sets per book:
50 100 (100 sets available for duplicate books only)
5 10 15 20
Required by:
Delivery/Pick up:
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You can also fax us your sample or changes if you wish: 08 8952 8176

Upon approval of our quote, a proof will be sent to you to check before we print, to the email address you have indicated above.